Where We Started
A need for revised label sizes to fit new glass jars

Where We Finished
Pemberton’s has an upgraded, unified look. Their packaging speaks to the artisanal, small batch quality of the product inside each jar. This allows Pemberton’s to sell into new retailers as well as expand their opportunities to sell more product into current retailers.

How We Got There
We discussed the current line with the client.  The shape and size of the glass jars of nearly the entire product line were going to change.  This meant that they needed revised labels for at least 13 products.

After the initial line review, we came to the conclusion that their packaging had taken on three different and quite distinctive looks throughout its history.  While we liked a lot of the elements of the design, we felt that the look needed to be unified across the various product lines.  Pemberton’s packaging needed to reflect the small-batch, handcrafted food that was inside the jars. We proposed to the client that the time was ripe for a rebranding of their packaging.

We shopped.  We looked at what was going on in the salsa and pasta sauce world.  We determined that it was a very crowded field.  Not only that, but a very busy, colorful bunch of competitors were on the shelf.  So we decided that, for Pemberton’s to stand out, less was more.

The P became the strong visual mark on the label.  A sophisticated and clean background pattern was chosen to compliment.  It had a quiet presence and modern look, but wasn’t too contemporary for the Pemberton’s line.  The metallic pattern played beautifully with the new brushed aluminum lids and the round glass jars.  The pattern remained consistent throughout the categories and kept the line unified.  Changing the background color of each product to reflect the ingredients inside the jar resulted in a mouth-watering presentation to the retailer and, ultimately to the consumer.

“East Shore helped put Pemberton’s in a position to get new accounts. The response to our new packaging has been overwhelmingly positive! It’s the change we needed to compete in the marketplace and help grow our business.”

Dave FillingerOwner, Pemberton’s Foods