Where We Started
A need to rebrand an existing consignment retail business that was opened in the 1970s.

Where We Finished
Village Style Consignment Boutique (new name and new identity) has a revamped branding that is style-driven and helps to put a fresh spin on the business’s concept of helping customers find their style, using consignment clothing.  We gave the identity the boutique-feel that women are looking for in today’s resale environment.

How We Got There
We showed the client various styles (for font and look & feel) to get her feedback about where she wanted to go with the rebranding.

After choosing a path, we created the logo type. The client wanted to incorporate an illustration of a girl into the logo.  So she had a friend’s daughter in art school draw the woman in a scratch pen style.  She also drew other poses of “our girl” to use on the website along with “Lucky”, the owner’s shop dog.

After creating support materials such as business cards, gift certificates and an in-store signage template, we moved on to create the custom WordPress website, full of style and personality suited to the business.  Woven throughout the site are the hand-drawn elements that we felt exemplify Shelly’s perspective about how she likes to approach her customers and her business—her community.