Where We Started
A need for a brochure for a line of glass shower enclosures

Where We Finished
SIGCO has a high end, branded look, including their updated logo, which speaks to their position as a leader in their industry. Not only have they created support materials for their valuable customers—their glass dealers—but SIGCO also understand the importance of engaging the end user. They are now out front with their look and feel of the SIGCO brand that matches their quality product line.

How We Got There
We started a discussion about whether to sub-brand SIGCO’s family of product lines.  We thought it was important that the lines formed a brand family under the SIGCO umbrella.  So when we named the product line, its name reflected the characteristics or usage of the actual glass product.

The lines were named: surrounds for glass shower enclosures; radiance for textured glass; accents for colored glass wall cladding; shields for spandrel construction glass; and advances for glass stair entrances and glass offices. For each product line, we developed a brochure to detail the line as well as websites for the more residential-driven product lines of surrounds, radiance and accents.

After completing the brand family materials, we created a new SIGCO corporate brochure which incorporates all of the product lines.  To accompany their support materials, we also created two glass sample boxes, again positioning the SIGCO brand as the high-end leader in their field.

"SIGCO, Inc. and East Shore Studio & Print have enjoyed a lengthy and productive relationship for over twelve years. I have worked with East Shore on a host of projects--they are integral partners."

Dave McElhinnyPresident, SIGCO

"The rebranding process and related marketing materials East Shore created with us have played a pivotal role in the consistent growth of our company. The positive impact has been across all product categories."

Dave McElhinnyPresident, SIGCO

"SIGCO, Inc. has become the dominant glass and aluminum, fabricator in the New England market and the support of Maggie and her team is a big reason why."

Dave McElhinnyPresident, SIGCO