Where We Started
An existing dental practice purchased by our client that needed a new business identity.

Where We Finished
The Dental Loft has a modern and elegant feel that is inspired by our client, Dr. Heather Keeling, and her passion for treating patients with excellent education-based, whole health mouth care.

How We Got There
We wanted to develop a strong logo for The Dental Loft, reminiscent of a “monogram”.  So, we talked to Heather about brands she admired.  It was important to The Dental Loft brand that the logo mark be symbolic of Heather and her vision for her practice identity—confident, clean, and patient-centric. Using that as a starting point, we showed Heather our inspiration in terms of color, style and font types.

After presenting several logo options, Heather and her husband, Matt, selected the logo they liked from a strong grouping.  After the logo was decided upon, we developed her stationery package and office signage.

To further Heather’s brand, we knew The Dental Loft website needed a clean, modern feel.  We worked with our developer to design a site with a scrolling format that centered on approachable, smiling patients.  Heather’s philosophy is woven throughout the site, allowing the content to communicate her education-based, patient-focused approach to dentistry.

"You guys are amazing, thanks so much!! I LOVE THE WEBSITE!!!"

Dr. Heather Keeling, DDS